TeleworX delivers comprehensive application development & testing services, harnessing state-of-the-art frameworks and methodologies.


Cloud-native development

Cloud-native is a software development methodology based on principles and design patterns that leverage the full benefits of cloud computing. The underlying foundation is enabled by microservices, containers, service meshes and APIs which promote a more simplified loosely couple architecture that dramatically speeds development, testing and deployment. Combined with major advancements in DevOps processes and tools, cloud-native is bringing application performance to new heights while driving costs out of the business.

The momentum behind Cloud-native application development has rearranged the software world and has rendered the monolithic application as legacy. Organizations that implement the cloud-native approach are realizing massive improvements in agility, scalability, speed and resiliency along with security and lifecycle automation. Major industry initiatives such as 5G Core cannot be realized without Cloud-native architectures. 


Our DNA is the fusion of engineering and software. Our telecom and software engineers consult with clients on migrating to cloud-native. We develop Proof-of-Concepts and build network tools/products using the Cloud-native software methodologies and best practices. Our engineers are certified in leading DevOps tools to drive code source management (CSM), Automated Testing, Configuration Management and CI/CD.

Sample Engagements

• Implementation of a cloud-native PoC for Streaming Telemetry Network Monitoring & Analytics
• Evangelization on cloud-native development processes, methods and best practices.
• Design and development of cloud-native proof of concepts and production applications.
• Migration of legacy applications towards the cloud.
• Transformation of critical monolithic applications to a cloud-native architecture. 

DevOps & Testing

With the rapid movement towards cloud-native applications and networks there is concomitant requirement to develop, test and deploy highly complex software with shorter timelines and stricter quality standards. DevOps enables organizations to build, test, and release software in a rapid and consistent fashion by applying continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), orchestration and service mesh tools.

A fundamental component throughout the CI/CD pipeline is automated testing as it ensures software quality, functional preservation and release verification. Several types of automated tests must be implemented in the pipeline, including static code analysis, unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, interoperability testing, performance testing and security testing. 



TeleworX has extensive capabilities to support our client’s DevOps and testing environment. We merge engineering domain with best practices in DevOps and testing across the product or application development life cycle. From release management to operational monitoring and root cause analysis our engineers are expert in a wide range of DevOps and CI/CD processes and tools to speed your development process.

Sample Engagements

• Evangelization on CI/CD and automated testing development processes, methods and best practices.
• Design and implementation of vRAN proof-of-concept and interoperability testing
• Implementation and optimization of CI/CD pipeline for ongoing telecom-related software developments
• On-demand software testing, testing automation and integration to CI/CD pipeline.
• Design and management of telecom software testing labs 

We offer commercial solutions utilized by major carriers around the world



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