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The radio access network has been the focus of the wireless industry since its inception. Innovation is alive today as the industry extends to 4.5G and now 5G NR. Spectrum strategies harness previously untapped millimeter wave spectrum along with mid and low bands to prepare for the next generation of 5G services. Traditional RAN architectures and paradigms are being transformed by massive MIMO, CloudRAN, v-RAN and License Assisted Access (LAA) initiatives to support the lightning fast speeds and ultralow latency to drive use cases such as virtual/augmented reality, massive IOT, autonomous vehicles and countless others.


TeleworX collaborates with the world’s leading carriers to chart the course through architecture, design and deployment planning. Our engineers have worked in every generation of radio technology and have participated in standard development through lab testing to actual deployment and optimization of complex networks in complex environments.

Recent and representative TeleworX engagements include:
• Lab Testing and RAN Release Management for a large US based Tier 1 Carrier
• Development of LTE Fixed Wireless model for in-building coverage
• Product and lab testing of open source LTE eNode B
• RAN design, deployment and optimization
• RAN configuration and parameter audit and assessment
• Calibration of propagation models
• Automated nation-wide rural design (RAN and Backhaul) 


The transmission network is the indispensable work horse of today’s networks. The high costs of construction and time to deploy give rise to many of the industry’s most intractable problems. Significant advances in optical, microwave and satellite technology strain to keep pace with today’s bandwidth, latency and reliability requirements. High costs continue to impede widespread deployment in rural/semi-rural areas around the world. 

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TeleworX has been a driving force in the advancement of transmission networks for more than two decades. From improving topology design via automated software to research and lab testing of new technologies, TeleworX works on the frontier of transmission networks. Our work with industry partners on SDN and NFV architectures, built on commodity hardware and open source software is changing performance and financial metrics in urban and rural areas alike. While transmission networks approach speeds of the 1Gbit/s to the user, much work remains.

Our transmission engineers are steeped in design of infrastructure and transmission networks for access, metro and backbone for fixed and wireless service providers from the most dense to the most sparsely populated regions of the world.  

Recent and representative TeleworX engagements include:
• High-level architecture and 10 year transmission network and roadmap for a Tier I US carrier
• Automated transmission design tool for rural networks incorporating fiber, microwave, satellite
• NG-PON2 network design for European network
• Design of a nation-wide 400G-ready DWDM backbone network for Tier 1 Latin American carrier
• Access & Transport Network capacity planning tool
• Multi-city microwave backhaul network design including over 1,000 field based path surveys  


The escalation of IP-based services, devices and traffic have pushed the limits of modern networks. Future requirements will further stress the limits of today’s technology. The industry is moving at warp speed to rethink the very nature of IP devices and networks. The most impactful changes are well underway in the form of designing and building custom network elements based on open software and commodity hardware.

On this front, open-source initiatives are boosting the entry for hardware and software innovations. Another key shift paradigm comes as disaggregation of control and data plane that form the foundation of software-based network technologies such as SDN and SD-WAN. Furthermore, a higher degree of Network Automation has been achieved on operational activities while connecting them with business goals making use of Intent-based Networking.

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There is a genuine necessity to adopt new technologies and improve network agility to meet current and future requirements. TeleworX is positioned at the frontier of IP networks through lab-based R&D and a diverse array of unique engagements. We support carriers and service providers in building requirements and specifications for SDN and SD-WAN solutions and providing professional assistance during their implementation. Our engineers possess extensive experience in Network Automation and Monitoring tool development to simplify network element’s configuration, service provisioning and advance analytics implementation.

Recent and representative TeleworX engagements include:  
• Design and assessment of IP architectures and roadmaps.
• Provide network automation and optimization tools.
• Development and implementation of tailored network monitoring and analytics tool based on Streaming Telemetry.
• IP Network capacity planning tool
• Design and implementation of network-wide Quality of Service policy
• IP Network configuration consistency checks
• IP Audit execution to assess E2E network architecture, performance, availability and security.  


Soaring traffic volumes, specialized use cases, new business models, multi-access edge computing (MEC) are requirements driving the definition and development of the 5G Core (5GC). Network slicing alone, requires the rethinking and transformation of the 5GC.

Multiple standards organizations (SDOs), led by 3GPP are crafting 5GC specifications with the integration of modern paradigms such as NFV, SDN, Service Chaining, and cloud native as necessary enablers to deliver the promise of 5G.

To stay competitive, mobile operators will soon evolve their current EPC core towards the 5G Core, facing a myriad of challenges including architecture design, integration with new RAN technologies, 4G/5G interworking and roaming. 

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With more than two decades of experience in core networks, TeleworX has the right set of engineering skills to address the present and future of the mobile core. TeleworX can design, test and integrate VoLTE networks in emerging markets and develop migration plans for the 5GC in the technology advanced markets. We work with service providers on architecture and migration, core interconnection and interworking, EPC & IMS virtualization and roaming analysis.

Recent and representative TeleworX engagements include:
• Design of 4G/5G Core Migration Strategy
• EPC, IMS and 5G Core Protocol & Interoperability lab testing
• Design and implementation of strategy for EPC deployment of NB-IoT and LTE-M
• Core Network Design for fully virtualized EPC and IMS for Tier 1 Latin American carrier
• VoLTE and voice interconnection implementation, management and support 


Cloud computing harnesses data center storage, compute and network infrastructure to dynamically allocate virtualized resources delivered as a service to end users in the form of Infrastructure, Platform or Software as a Service. The cloud paradigm offers improved scalability, reliability and availability of services and applications while reducing infrastructure costs and operations overhead.

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TeleworX accumulates a vast working experience on multiple cloud environments and technologies. We hold certifications on the main cloud platforms and cloud environment tools allowing us in to effectively manage the complexity and facilitate the cloud adoption.

Our engineers have a broad background in design, management and best practices of cloud and edge computing applications and technologies, covering orchestration, networking and security aspects. Our expertise in cloud architecture and dimensioning has led to development of modeling tools to drive business cases and operational decisions on cloud migration vs on-prem or hybrid solutions.  

Recent and representative TeleworX engagements include:
• Design and implementation of cloud adoption strategies tailored to the organization vision and business goals.
• Business Case analysis for On-Premise and Public Cloud analysis.
• Datacenter infrastructure sizing models.
• Management of application/workloads migration to cloud.
• RFI/RFP elaboration and vendor management for cloud data center infrastructure.


While sensor based telemetry and data acquisition and control networks have been present for decades, recent hardware, software and networking developments have ushered in the age of connected devices - the Internet of Things. Staggering business opportunities from tracking, monitoring and controlling machines and devices is permeating everything we do from our homes to our cities to our workplaces to farms and fields around the world. The race to connect is in full bloom with several billion new devices connected every year now and well into the future.

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Complexity abounds as new sensors, wireless sensor networks, Low Powered WANs, IOT Platforms and applications are introduced every day. TeleworX is at the forefront of simplifying this complexity through long-running analysis and engagement in this arena. We cover the spectrum of IOT technologies. Our engineers build/customize sensors, design sensors networks and integrate applications via cloud or premise based IOT platforms. We work with partners across the ecosystem to deliver the full array of solutions to our client Service Providers, Enterprises and Municipalities.

Recent and representative TeleworX engagements include:
• Engineering tools to determine most suitable WSN for IoT connectivity and the IoT Platform Capacity Dimensioning.
• Design of sensor-driven networks for industrial and smart city services such as Lighting System, Smart Utilities (water, energy and gas), Smart Transportation (traffic and parking management) or Public Safety (video surveillance and climate monitoring).
• Integration of IoT platforms and applications.
• RFI/RFP elaboration and vendor management for IoT platform and systems for smart cities.

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